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Absolutely love this post on Emerging Mummy.

I read it last week and it was like my soul sighed a great, big, from your eyeballs to your toes sort of sigh that just made me realize  when I feel overwhelmed by the number of people I really want to pray well for sometimes just lifting their name to Jesus is enough.

It has definitely changed some of my random prayer times (driving, blowdrying, line-ups etc) into a string of names brought before Jesus.

Wisdom.  Whomever wrote this post is full of it, I just know.

I, on the other hand, am a sponge just soaking in this wisdom of someone truly so much more seasoned than I.  I couldn’t not share it with you in case it makes you sigh like it did me.

Read it!


5 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. ok that made me cry! Jesus. mommy. Daddy! I never know what to pray for esp through all this in my life! what a great thing! just Jesus .Darrell. Melanie and thats good enough! hugs! thanks!


  2. Mel – I hadn’t even thought of that when I posted it. But you’re right. Jesus. Mommy. Daddy. He knows what you need when you don’t even know what to say. I am sure of that!

    Jeff – Thanks?! I’m flattered to say the least. Where does one vote on such things?

    Sarah – me too! I’ve read it over at least 8 times now. A treasure, to be sure.


  3. I’m not sure there’s any “voting.” It seems to be an award that gets handed around by various bloggers. I’ve gotten one from two different bloggers in the past week.


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