Conversations With Kids

I use to get annoyed with questions after our bedtime bible/pray time with the kids because I truly thought they were just stalling from having to go to bed.  Y’know, anything to get to stay up a bit later even if it’s asking daddy to tell us what exactly he was learning from reading Chronicles!

But as they get a bit older I can see their wheels turning in a different way.  They may still be stalling a bit but they also have insightful questions and sometimes ones that are just plain cool. Like tonights.  I was asked,

Mom, do you think that earth is  a bit of hell but God came into it or do you think that it’s a bit of heaven that Satan came into?


2 thoughts on “Conversations With Kids

  1. Definitely a bit of Heaven and Satan came into it. God created it and thus it was perfect until the fall. That was my immediate thought anyways.


  2. That’s exactly what I said too, Laurenn.

    Funny though, he had the opposite idea. He said that the world feels so icky and sinful that it must be a bit of hell that Jesus comes in and saves us from. Which, really, makes sense if you think of it too. He only knows a fallen world. He feels the sin in his life and he knows that Jesus came to save him from that.

    So we talked about how God created the world to be – which he knows – it’s just so far out of his scope that if feels unbelievable!


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