Memory Verse Chalkboard {DIY}

My boys have never really gone to Sunday School.  I mean, they’ve dabbled in the world of it here and there, but truthfully we’d prefer to have them in the church service with us and so we’ve always encouraged and let them do that.  I love that we have Sunday morning worship together as a family!

However, it also means that they miss out on a few things like silly songs about short men who climb trees and invite Jesus for tea (which I’m totally okay with) and having a weekly memory verse (not so okay with).

We’ve always tried, since the kids were little, to have some kind of memory system in place but I’ve never had one that really worked well for us.  I’d forget to help them with it.  They’d forget they were suppose to learn it.  Daddy would come home from work and recite it while the rest of us hung our heads in shame.

But that all changed this summer!

Some of you may remember my Do-it-yourself chore chart from last year.  For the record, quite possibly the only thing I’ve Done-Myself!  But it worked for the school year and I was so happy with it!  Thing is, we just didn’t need it for the summer so I put it to new use.  It became the Memory Verse Chart!  And let me tell you this system is working fanTAStically!  So I had to share.

I’ve long been a fan of Desiring God‘s Fighter Verse Program and so I knew it’s what I wanted to use for my kids.  In fact, it’s the system I’ve always used when I could remember.  We have the cards that have verses for every day of the year but I always lost them or mixed them up or just didn’t change the verse from week to week.  But guess what?  There’s an app for it!  So for $2.99 (money well spent, I assure you) I got the app and now it sends the new verse to my phone each week.  When I get the notification I automatically head to the chart in the bathroom and change it on the board. I’m not ashamed to admit that this mama can not stay organized without reminders!

So, why the bathroom, you may ask?  So glad you did.  Because everyone is in there brushing their teeth at least twice a day.  Our ‘rule’ is that you read the verse over 3 times each time you brush your teeth.  That’s 6 times a day.  42 times a week.  Guess what?  If a kiddo reads a verse 42 times over in one week – by the end they’ll just know it!  No coersion.  No drama.  No, “I can’t to it!”  They just read it and then like magic, 7 days later, they know it!  Brilliant.

The bathroom-chalkboard-memory-system is certainly not the only way to go in getting scripture into your little’s minds but it’s working for us and so I thought I’d share!

A few more notes which may be of interest:

  •  We (Earl and I) learn the verses right along with the kiddo’s
  • We do NOT use the children’s version of fighter verses.  They can easily learn the adult program.
  • We are not crazy rule followers and if its a particularly long passage (sometimes its up to 3 verses) then it may take a week and a half and so we do that.  I’d rather them learn it well then move on to a new verse each week.
  • Review often to make the last weeks verses stick.  ( I need this more than the kids even)
  • The App also has great things like the verse with words missing so kids can fill in the blank, the verse put to song if that’s easier for your kids, and categorizes verses so you can talk about them with your kids.  For instance, generosity, encouragement, temptation etc.  So with our kids we make up scenarios like, “Someone is teasing you at school and it’s making you angry.  Which verse can you bring to mind to help you in that moment?”  This helps them review the verses they’ve learned but also shows them that these verses are not just words in our minds but words of truth that we need to remember throughout various moments in our life.  They are no good if they aren’t put into action!
  • For how I made my own chalkboard for cheaper than a jug of milk- see here.
  • I keep a little cup with chalk in it right next to the board cause if I had to go hunting around the house for it each week we all know how this would end…
Do you  have a memory system that works well for your family?  I’d love to hear it…

5 thoughts on “Memory Verse Chalkboard {DIY}

  1. I love this for many reasons!!!! I like the easy way you’ll learn these verses. I also like that you made this chalkboard. I have been wanting one in my kitchen for “today’s menu” like a cafe… didn’t know you could spray paint the glass!!!

    Hmm, I may have a few chalkboards going in the house now!!!


  2. I know! The chalkboard paint on glass is brilliant because it’s perfectly smooth and hard so you can easily write on it! I found that tip somewhere on the internet.

    I want chalkboards everywhere too! I’m trying to pace myself.

    Love the idea of having one in the kitchen!


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