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Everywhere in blog land people are sharing first day of school tales.  I’ve read a few and find myself unable to relate to them.  It seems there are two extremes.  There’s the, “Ack!  My baby is gone all day and I cried when I dropped them off even though they were totally fine and now I’m sitting by the phone just in case the school calls!”  and then there’s the “Hallelujah the kids  are back to school and out of my hair!!” ones.  I know there’s a bazillion thoughts and feelings in between those but it got me to thinking about this season in our family.

This was the first  school year where I dropped all three boys off (grades 7, 5 and 3, respectfully)  and I really didn’t have to do anything.  They checked the lists and figured out what classes they should be in all on their own.  They lined up and marched in to the school like pro’s with no need for me to come with them into the class or help find their name attached to a cubby or hook where they hang their things.  They didn’t need help with their indoor shoes or a second, third or fourth hug goodbye.  They just went.

I’m so happy they did.  Not that I didn’t love them being little and needing me in those ways.  I did.  And not that I want them out of the house for 6 hours each day from now until June.  I don’t.  But this is where we are.  A new more grown-up season of life.  What thrills my heart is that the boys are much more there own beings now than they once were.  They rely on me less, on themselves more and on Jesus for everything.  They are confident.  They are smart.  They have a quirky sense of humour.  (Where do they get that from??)  They roll their pants up too short and I fix them though they couldn’t care less if I didn’t.  Their friends are important to them, as they should be.  I’m less of a standard of cool in their eyes now, as I should be.  They learn things from others but still run it by me to make sure it’s true.

It’s a new phase, this in-between place.  No longer little.  Not really big.  Don’t need me to comb their hair but still need me to pack their lunch.  Hanging out and chatting with their friends and then hopping in the car to tell me all about what they said.  I like it here.  It feels right.

How was your first day back to school?


3 thoughts on “My Place

  1. What an awesome season of your family’s life! Leroy started school this week – even though our school year begins in June – so he’s missed out on the first semester, but considering he’s in Lower KG I don’t think it will be a problem. I had mixed emotions sending him… he’s my baby, and it’s every day school (mornings). When he came home after the first day, Shawn and I commented that he seemed more grown up. I like that, and I don’t. =) I’m enjoying every aspect though and your blog post was a great reminder to do just that. My love to you all!


  2. I love your perspective Rhonda. Thanks for sharing!
    They our our little treasures for such a short time, and grow up at just the right speed:) It was so strange to see Chase off to grade one! We are blessed with an amazing teacher and crew of kids to move through the school system with. So thankful:) I will miss my little schmuck around though….I’ll adjust it will just take me some time…. Sniff sniff! Lol


  3. Sher – The pictures of Leroy starting school are so cute! He seems way too little to be going to school but you’re right, they always seem a bit more grown up after the first day.

    Chantal – You’ll get through! One day you’ll even be late to pick him up because you just had to get one more thing done! Time will fly. (p.s. reward for being late is always a slushie in our house…)


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