Full Circle

Just a short time ago we were:

  • Throwing out all of our school books
  • Trading uniforms in for our shorts and flip flops
  • Making lists of things we wanted to do this summer
  • eating our first hot dogs of the season
Today we were:
  • Labeling all of our newly purchased school books
  • Unpacking uniforms and finding room for them back in the closet (shorts pushed aside)
  • Checking class lists to see whose class everyone was in and if they were with friends
  • eating our last hot dogs of the season
We have come full circle.  We roasted hot dogs the first day of summer to ring it in and celebrate and tonight we roasted them again as a sort of farewell to summer.  I think the feeling is unanimous….we don’t want it to end.  (the summer, not the hot dogs.  They could have ended a long time ago!!)

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