Friday Phone Dump

Here’s what my phone has been up to this week:

1) Capturing long shadows in the evening summer sun

2)  Taking in the view

3)  Hayden and Grams making Roll Kuchen together

4)  These were my favourite as a kid

5)  Paying for a serious haul of sugar at the candy store

6)  And again

7)  Backyard campfire with cousins.  Hot dogs and S’mores never ever gets old when you’re 8.

8 )  ‘Member when hanging upside down on things felt so cool?

9 )  Just a boy and his mutt.

10)  A pit stop on our bike ride.  We didn’t mean to pass by this way but police tape was blocking our route.  Only in abbotsford do they find a body and noone is surprised at all…

11)  A gooey treat after biking for a few hours.

12)  What eating out can look like if you go to Mission Springs on a summer evening.  Kids aren’t bored cause they have the world’s largest sandbox…er…volleyball court!  Bath required upon arriving home.




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