I am a contractor.

Before you get all, “that’s not what a contractor does,” on me, I’ll be the first to admit that the realm of building things, anything really, other than an ice cream sundae is beyond my realm of knowledge.  So go easy on a girl, would ya?

I am a contractor of sorts though.  Laying out the things in my life that are to be built upon the foundation that is, well, me.  Building into my days who I will surround myself with, the places that I will go, what I will eat and the things I will laugh at.  (My son’s Alf impersonation every.single.time)

Turns out, as a contractor, I also subcontract out certain elements of my life.  For example, I subcontract my husband to massage my head at night, my boys to empty the dishwasher, and Ben and Jerry to satisfy my cravings.  (not really on that last one but you get the idea)

Yesterday, as always seems to be the case, I left church convicted and challenged and forced to go home and really think through some parts of my life.  We were asked the question,

What are you subcontracting God for in your life?


Are you subcontracting him for health, prosperity, an easy breezy kind of life?  Are you subcontracting him for happiness, for a movie-like marriage, for obedient children?  Not that these things aren’t good in and of themselves but are we basically expecting that God will give us these if we follow him?  And then what if he doesn’t?  Then what.

Turns out I am a contractor subcontracting God.  I often find myself frustrated with my family for not “being” as I think they  ought and taking this to God in a “but I pray with and for them and teach them of you all.the.time and they memorize scripture and they know the in’s and out’s of what you require of us and that you love them and forgive them and we’ve taught them all of these things so how come they still fight and are selfish and sometimes just rotten?  God have I not done the things you want me to?  So where’s my payback?”

Well, that last bit is never actually prayed but I’m convicted now of it being there somewhere in the back of my mind and in my heart.  I definitely find myself operating on a, “I did this for you, what are you gonna do for me” system and time and time again I end up frustrated.

It’s no wonder because my heart is not saying, Jesus – you are enough!

It’s saying something more like, “I want  you and obedient children.  I want you plus financial security. I want you plus a husband that loves me selflessly.  I want you plus a really great wardrobe.  I want you plus _____”

You fill in the blank.  What are you subcontracting God for?

What I do know with great certainty is that Jesus plus anything else detracts from the gospel.  He alone is worthy of our praise.  He alone is to be lifted high above all else.  He is enough!!

Do you believe that?  Or are you making Him into a mathematical equation?  Jesus + ____ = joy?


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