Summer Adventure List {Take V}

#5  Pick Berries!

I admit this was one of the things that I added to the list but we’re a family and family does things together, with and for each other, right?  So while they have their things they wanna do, I also have mine.  This was one of them.

This year it was blueberries, mostly because I got an email from a sweet friend saying she was helping her in-laws out at their organic blueberry farm and we should come visit.  Plus we got a deal.  I’m a sucker for a deal!

We picked.  We ate.  We ate more than we picked.  We caught up with friends as we chit chatted from row to row.  We weighed in and weighed out.  We made friends with lady bugs.

If you live in Abby and want great organic berries on a lovely little farm where there is grass between the rows (bonus!  It’s so clean!!)  then send me an email and I’ll get the address to you.

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