Beach Hair, Beach Bums and Life is Beachy Keen {white rock}

These are the days that get us through the rest of the year.  Through math homework and packing lunches.  FSA’s, mean substitutes, grouchy clients, forgotten lunches, and waking up early to rush out the door.  These get us through frantic times of drop offs at 3 different activities, dinner on the run and rain upon endless rain.  We have these days and we love them in the moment and we look back on them time and time again.  Like a fish story they may get  bigger and better with age but I doubt it, cause this day was pretty fantastic!

It was windy in the morning and the sand blew hauntingly creating an illusion of fog across the beach.

We marveled at the strength of the wind and the talent of this kite flyer.

We ate with sandy fingers and let our bodies soak up the warmth of the sun.

And then I beheld his little profile and filed it into my memory bank because my baby  little boy is getting so big and his little round nose, dark lips and perfect eyelashes will one day be manly and that’s so weird to think.

His perfectly tousled hair and fascination with a feather are simple things I just adore.

Meeting up with friends made this beach excursion extra special.

And something about these last few shots make my heart so happy in a quirky, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium sort of way.  


3 thoughts on “Beach Hair, Beach Bums and Life is Beachy Keen {white rock}

  1. knowing these are the days that get you through makes me appreciate them too, even if I don’t get to be there with you!!


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