Weekender {Seattle}

You guys!  I have proof that you never really know what a weekend away can hold until you’re in the midst of it.  As a family we have gone for weekends to Seattle a bazillion times.  Seriously.  I’ve been going for Seattle weekends since I was but a tot.  It’s true – no exaggeration.  Denny’s and I are tight!

So this weekend away was nothing to prep for.  Nothing to plan.  You simply show up in Seattle and do what Seattle has to offer.  For us that means lots of coffee, a bit of shopping and a whole lotta nothin’ but wandering and enjoying the city vibe.

For some reason this time at the last second before leaving I said, “Maybe we should throw the boys skateboards in?”  We never take skateboards to Seattle but I had a feeling that it might be nice to let them skate while we walk and we could enjoy the outside more this way without hearing, “I can’t walk anymore!”  “My feet hurt!”  etc.

As I said, it started out as any normal Seattle weekend does, hooking up with friends at Starbucks!

Our fave is the one at University Village because it has this incredible couch that our entire family can fit on comfortably!  It also has a Clover coffee machine which was new and so yummy!

From there we headed off to Seattle Center to play the bulldozers, another memory from childhood that we had yet to do with our own kids but considering we were with my brother and his fam and he remembered it too, we went for it!

Upon arrival we saw, well….nothing!  The fair was gone!  The carnival games, the rides, the cotton candy.  All gone!  Quick:  Plan B.  Uh…we had no plan B so we walked around.

The Space Needle, always a spectacular site.

 Experience Music Project:  An architectural wonder

And no trip to Seattle would be complete without at least one reference to Nirvana.

It was in all of this wandering around Seattle Center that we suddenly happened upon this:

5 boys found the most “Epic skatepark ever!!”

And from there on are weekend became about one thing, no it wasn’t the search for animal chin or the Vans Warped Tour it was 5 cousins taking on Seattle in search of the best riding spots.

to be continued…

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