I’m beginning to think we’re not really friends at all.

It was nice at first, you and me.

New and exciting.  Figuring out what exactly you had to offer and in return learning what I needed from you.

Simple and sporadic.  Nothing overwhelming and only often enough to keep the allure, the anticipation up.

But then something changed.

I don’t know which happened first but you got a little clingy and I realized I didn’t really need you.

Then, perhaps it was there all along and I’d just failed to recognize it, but you got very forward and persistent which made me feel bombarded and really just annoyed with you.

Now I realize that you were just using me.  Perhaps I was using you as well but I didn’t mean to.  I just got caught up in it all and now I’m trying to step away but I can’t, you won’t let me.

I get emails from you everyday – Gap, Air Miles, Pier One Imports, Old Navy, Gilt Group, SoleStruck, M&M Meats, ModCloth, 2Modern, Aveda Salon, JetSetter, SwarmJam, Betsey Johnson, Sephora, Mariners Ticketing, Run Keeper, Smith Micro, The Bay, Aritzia and Puma – yet they’re so impersonal and so….so….incessant.

And the kicker?  I try and email you back and you just never respond.  I ask about your family but you don’t seem to care about mine.  I ask how your day was and I get nothing.

I see how this is now.  I’m onto  you.

I’m beginning to think we were never really friends at all.

And it hurts, all of you listed up there, it really hurts.


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