As we sat on the grass, the very furthest back of all the people in the audience attending the annual camp site talent show, I mused allowed to my husband, “I am so okay with knowing that I am mediocre.”

It was an off-the-cuff statement meant to slightly mock those who apparently thought of themselves as talented enough so as to enter the show.  I’m not sure when lip-syncing to Taylor Swift became a talent but apparently it’s a very popular one in America.  But the comment and this talent show made me think a bit further on it.

We are a prideful people, all of us.  We like the spotlight, to be recognized in our accomplishments and to have people say things like, “wow, wasn’t she great?”.  We are drawn to human praise and therefore we put ourselves on various stages in our lives.  Some may be by way of an awkward routine performed in front of a crowd in a campsite and others may be by writing a blog and hoping to become the next sweetheart of the internet, the ‘it’ blog girl that everyone is talking about.

This stage is different for each of us and we are all motivated by different things.  Praise, money, seeing our name in lights – whatever.  But it is there, in all of us, I believe.

So as I thought about my comment about being totally okay with mediocrity I questioned myself on the truth of that statement.  Here are some things I surmised.

My blog will never have a mass amount of readers. I will never sing into a microphone. I’m never going to author a book or design a clothing line.  I won’t be on a cooking show or have a brick oven pizza in my backyard.  I won’t win an outstanding mother award for having kids that eat the most leafy greens.  I won’t be sought out across the country by people looking for answers on how to be the perfect wife.  I have no original cleaning solutions.  My dog will never win a ribbon in a show and I’m quite certain I will never invent anything that the world finds ingeniusly useful.  My name will never be in the credits of everyone’s favourite sitcom and design shows are not flocking to show off my incredible use of white paint on my walls.  My photos will never hang in a gallery or be printed on the pages of a magazine.  My reading of scripture will not amount to a best selling devotional book nor will people flock to my side to learn the art of prayer.


I do blog and I love to sing and write and even enjoy the art of getting dressed.  I don’t mind cooking, make-your-own pizza nights is a fave in our home and broccoli and spinach are a must for my kiddo’s growing bodies.  I am a wife, I clean the house regularly, I make the dog sit before I feed him a carrot and I can unlock the bathroom door with a bobby pin when a little person is trapped inside!  I sometimes watch tv, I chose the white (out of 57 shades of it!) for my bedroom all by myself and I love to take pictures.


I’m only mediocre at all of these things and I really, truly am okay with that.  I don’t expect to be praised for these things, my life is but a picture of normalcy.  No fame.  No critically acclaimed.  No one outside of my circle even knows my name.  Yet I believe that I am exactly where I ought to be.  I trust that God has me in His grasp every step of my journey and He too is okay with the fact that I have not outshone “the rest” in any one given area.

What He cares about is obedience.  And as we learn from the rich young man (Matthew 19:16-22), not an “I’ve-followed-all-the-rules” type of obedience or a “this-is-what-they-did-and-I-did-it-better” type of obedience but a submitting to the will of God for you.  For me, that looks like mediocrity.  It looks like raising 3 boys and living in a home that we don’t own and supporting my husband in his mid-level job and eating normal food bought at normal places like Price Mart and Super Store.  For you, it may be fame or money or power or shopping at grocery stores with fancy names or like me, just living out being a wife and a mother and a steward of all the things that we have been blessed with.

Let me assure you there is hardly a word of humanly praise in these things but there comes with it a spirit of contentment.  In that contentment I find rest.


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