It’s not a bandwagon anymore!

No I’m not talking about cheering for the Canucks or stating that Mumford and Sons is your favourite band.  Although those bandwagons are over as well the one I have not yet hopped on is Facebook.

But that’s because it’s not really a bandwagon anymore.  I’m not sure what the technicalities are of being a bandwagoner but I’m pretty sure that Facebook has been around long enough to have passed that.  It seems, much like new seasons of the Bachelor, that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

My first hesitation with the social network site was just that.  It’s another social network site and in the ways of myspace and friendster it would phase out as quickly as it came in.  But it didn’t.  It launched over seven years ago now and it’s still going as strong as ever.  I’ve got to hand it to Mr. Zuckerberg – these days that’s some serious longevity.

So I didn’t join straight off the bat and then really just got annoyed because it didn’t matter where you were people were talking about it.  There was a time when every conversation I was a part of somehow led to facebook – something that was seen on it or who you’re friends with on it or whatever ‘it’ seemed to be it was going on on facebook!  I was determined to not be a part of the madness!

But now seven years later I’m starting to think I should just join already.  That way I won’t be the annoying person that people actually have to email to invite to the beach bon fire.  Don’t you remember being so annoyed at the one friend that didn’t have email and you actually had to call, like on the phone, to invite?  Yeah, I’m one of those.  The mass facebook invite and then the email to rhonda.  I’m a jerk.

I’m even suppose to be on it for work.   But I’m not.

I have family that is gearing up to leave the country and they post all of their pictures et al on facebook so I should likely want to see that once they’re gone.  But I’m still not.

Even the hubs hopped on half a year ago.  Not me.

I’ve even sat down in front of my computer with the purpose of making an account but every time I do I get this weird almost anxiety.  (which, to those of you who suffer with anxiety I’m not trying to belittle what you have.  Mine is more of an “oh no!”  not an actual condition so I use the term as an overexaggeration on my part, I admit)  It feels like once I’m on I may not be able to get out.  Or that people might find me.  (heaven forbid!)

To be honest I’m not really sure what’s wrong with all of those things but what I do know is that there’s something wrong with me.  Cause I can’t do it.  I just tried.  Even the “f” symbol that I see on the homepage makes me a little jittery.

What about you?  Did you join right away?  Or once it became more popular?  Or do you have facebook-o-phobia like I do?

3 thoughts on “It’s not a bandwagon anymore!

  1. “It’s another social network site and in the ways of myspace and friendster it would phase out as quickly as it came in.”

    I thought that too but it has proven that it’s here to stay. I joined because it was popular, nothing special but now I can’t live without it. Trust me you should join asap, you’ll like it. 🙂


  2. I joined over 5 years ago and it’s proven wonderful for keeping in touch with family. I don’t use it to look for dates… I now know my cousins better and their offspring, and am able to send photos and videos easily of the kids to immediate family without sending huge emails. And if I ever need help, prayers, or ideas the shout outs give me responses in 2 minutes. You can completely hide yourself if you don’t want people to find you. You can keep it only to family and maybe some really good friends who live far away (hint hint). You don’t need to contact every person from high school if you don’t want to, you don’t need to play or even SEE all the stupid games and you can announce events or ideas you want people to know about. You’re in control of everything and it’s nothing like myspace.


  3. I’ve been asking everyone around me what they really love about facebook and then, on the flip side, the downfalls. It seems like you can control the downfalls and tweak things so that it’s just the way you like it. That’s good, right?

    I was just with friends who live in PNG and I realized that for the past bazillion years that they’ve been there I’ve been relatively unconnected to them – because I’m not on facebook. That’s lame.

    And Carman, I love you for sending me links to your pictures even though it’s probably so annoying! You so totally rock!

    I’m so close to joining I can feel it in my toes. I’m standing at the edge of the plane, parachute in place, I just need someone to push me out!!


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