Ah, Summer

Remember when you had nothing in the world to roll out of bed for and yet you were up with the sun.

Remember when the most difficult decision you had to make was riding your bike or playing in the sprinkler.

Remember when the happiest feeling in your heart was caused by being able to bounce so high and free.

Remember when you laughed and laughed and laughed until your cheeks hurt at things that were oh-so-funny.

Remember when your parents knew everything and your daddy’s tickles could light up your world.

Remember when everyone in the neighbourhood was your friend and it didn’t matter at all what colour your skin was or how much money your parents made.

Remember homemade popsicles, watermelon with seeds, ice cream floats and hearing the ice cream truck every day and never ever basing your decision on how many calories it had.Remember when you were a child and the days felt so long and the summer seemed to last forever.


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