The Misfits

Very often I get to the end of a week and I have all of these photos that I love and want to keep and savour and look back upon time and time again but they don’t really have a place.  Sort of like the misfits and one-offs that need their moment to shine.  I’ve made them a home right here.

1)  a strawberry growing in our container garden / ice cream on a summer’s eve

2)  We went bowling.  This is the face they each make when they get a strike.

3) popsicle treats in the heat of the day / a view of the city across the harbour

4)  silly littlest boy /  melt-your-heart nephew

5)  little and big / little and big

6)  an evening at the lake / can we go in mom?

7)  one day after he told me he thought he was wimpy.  yeah right! / a camping, birthday pinata in the dark!

8 )  brothers around the campfire / okanagan cherries.  delish!


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