For deep belly laughs that go on for so long they cause your stomach to hurt!

For spontaneous ice cream runs with some of the best company around.

For brotherly shenanigans that don’t end in tears.

For lazy summer afternoons that require a snuggle and a nap, which no one even tries to fight and leaves us both with pillow lines on our faces.

For dirty knees and sandy feet which leave a mess in my bathtub every single night  but remind me of how special these days are.

For some time to miss these two while they’re away at summer camp.

For blue skies and freshly washed sheets.  For freshly picked berries,  not having to set an alarm and no solid plans from here to the first day of school.  For sour candies, for talk of contract extensions, for really cheap shoes that I will wear every single day this summer.  For random bump-in-to’s with friends around town and the 10 minute conversations that follow (I totally remember being a kid and this happening to my parents and thinking they must know EVERYONE in town and when can we go??), for hot, hot water for showers and for sister-in-laws who will happily take your boy for a sleepover.  And for iphones.  And cameras.  And that I’m loving the feel of it in my hands again.

Thank-you Jesus.



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