Summer Adventure List {take III}

#3 Go to the library

Okay, so this one’s not really big on the adventure unless you count trying to stay out of the sight of the bi-focaled librarian, which we highly recommend!  We never try to be disrespectful at the library but we are a  crew with 3 boys and there are very exciting things to find amongst the rows and rows of books!  Normally, in our life when things are exciting we shout them out to each other.

“Hey!  Look what I found!”  or   “This is so cool!!”

But for this one day we can’t do that.  And we forget.  Often.

The thing that’s great about the Library, besides the heaps and heaps of knowledge and learning to be acquired, is that unlike Chapters it still has chairs that you can curl up in and just read.  So great.

There is also the adventure of trying to get on a computer to look up where a particular book might be.  It seems that there is a high contingency of people who use the library to check their facebook status.  They are largely the same people who ride around town on their bmx’s though they seem much too old for cruising the streets with their friends.  They also carry duffle bags.  Oh, and wear leather jackets.  Odd, right?    

Anyways, I circled like a sea gull amongst field trip kids just waiting for someone to drop their sandwich and finally I got on!  Score.  And not one of the books that any of us was looking for was in.  Lame.  But we’re the type that make lemons out of lemonade (we are so not but it sounded like what we should be like!) so we only pouted for a couple minutes and then found a stash of Calvin and Hobbes.  We took out all of them.  Sweet!

i found this book with the greatest fashion sketches. I want that coat!

I’m pretty sure I’ll forget to return the books on time but alas, that is also part of the adventure.  Dodging fines and all’a that.

And you thought people who went to the library were nerds.  pshaw.

This is how I found ’em the next morning!


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