I was an Etsy Virgin

…until now!

I don’t know about you but there are SO many things on etsy that I tend to get overwhelmed.  I look and look and look and then in the end decide that I don’t really need anything so I close it up and walk away.

And then I go back again.  And I look and look and look and try such searches as vintage dresses and handmade art and modern design and purses and stockings and bracelets.  But when I come up with a number like 127, 496 items matched your search my heart starts to beat too quickly and I try to refine and then refine some more but I always seem to get stuck.

It’s almost as though there are too many cool things to choose from that I can’t even choose one!

Until now.  I bought something.  I knew it had to be good for my inaugural purchase but it also had to be inexpensive in case upon its arrival I be disappointed.

Disappointed I was not!  I purchased some beautiful art post cards from this seller.  I instantly fell in love with her beautiful designs and thought my girlfriends too, would love to receive these in the mail with a little note on them telling them that they’re thought of.  often.


Aren’t they great?!

And only purchases on etsy arrive in the mailbox in  the most beautifully decorated envelope complete with personalized little notes and tags saying they’re glad you bought from them.  Love it!


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