We like camping. Does that make us campy?

There have been 11 days so far in this summer vacation season.  We have been camping for 9 of them.  Apparently we dig the outdoors.

A few iphone pics from this last go ’round:

these berries terrified me on my morning run each day.  it seemed as they were just screaming to have a bear come and hang out on my route!

feelin’ canadian even though we were in america.

the dog pulled on his leash just as I was about to take this shot so I only got half the sign.  It said Moral Drive.  Clearly not where we stayed.  We’re over on debauchery lane, or something.

the boys favourite thing about camping.  the girls!  (as we loving called them)  they planned meet up times for first thing in the morning, whether we would all be at the pool or the river after lunch and whose camp fire s’mores would be eaten at each evening.  

explaining something very cool to dad.  it had to have something to do with aliens or robots or gun battles or space ships or explosions.  love. xo


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