The cutest little salon in town

As I get older (and more mature?)  there are a few things that I’ve noticed myself becoming increasingly consistent in.  I use to think change was the way to go and who needed subtle when you could be bold!  Besides, if you’re going to spend money on something you sure as shootin’ want someone to notice it, right?!

All that has changed.  My wardrobe now consists of timeless staples with just pops of colour and trend here and there as opposed to everywhere.  My bedroom is now a serene white with natural woods, metals and the occasional colour burst in a pillow or a clock face.  My hair, too, has found a more comfortable home being mostly natural with just some subtle hints of colour to lighten up the ends.  (ombre’d, so they call it.  I say it’s more like I paid someone to make my hair look like I forgot to colour it in 6 months – those marketing bleepity-bleeps) All this instead of those big chunks of bleach blonde I once had blazing across the front of my forehead or the crazy dark colours it would turn when I would (to my shame) die it myself.

I’ve raved on here before about my hair girl and how happy she makes both my head and my heart.  But she’s moved to a new salon which is so much more suited to her.  Original 60’s chairs in blue and red.  Retro blow dryers and pictures of pony’s adorn the walls.

I took my boys, who love a good pampering, to get their hair cuts.  They love Lindsay as much as I do.  She’s like that cool aunt who isn’t really an aunt and at some point you figure that out and feel a bit disillusioned but quickly get over it cause you get that she really is kinda like family.

Below are some photos.  Some snapped by me.  Some snapped by the munchkins.  Chances are you can’t tell which are which.  (more after the jump)


She asked which one of them she could makeover Mad Men style.  Phoenix volunteered, not really knowing what he was getting into but trusting nonetheless,  and boy did he look cute!

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