Nothin’ but Class

When we get together with friends, now, I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I must admit we are an extremely classy bunch.  Cultured, even.  Our discussions are profound.  Our wine the finest.  And one might find our proper use of large words quite amazing.

Don’t believe me?  Oh fine then.  I thought the internet was a place to make up illusions about yourself but I see you’re on to me.

If you must know we really sit around campfires, drink beer, laugh and see who can take the dorkiest photos.  See?  Nothin’ but class with us!

**Note:  No chickens were harmed in the making of this post**


2 thoughts on “Nothin’ but Class

  1. I LOVE THIS! Oh this is so funny! We had so much fun with ya’ll! I showed Jadyn the pictures on your blog and she wanted to look at it over and over again! She was so excited! She loves to look at your Christmas photo and then we go over all the names. She brought the bunny to church on Sunday and it is her constant companion! Thanks for coming to visit! It was awesome!
    Oh!!! And we found the kids’ baseball!


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