When God asks us to do Big Things

I know I am standing on an edge, of sorts, and am being asked to do big things in the living out of my faith.  Believe me, I’ve been on this edge before and personally I am happy to take the running leap in following what I know is being asked of me.  I’ve seen the rewards of it in my faith as well as in my family’s life/well-being/general goodness.  Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean its always been easy traveling.  But it does mean it’s been the right road.

However, it’s different suddenly when God is asking big things which directly affect my children and what I perceive as best for them.  I want my children safe, secure, always guarded and loved and protected, as I’m sure every loving parent does.  But what does that look like?

There are people who move their families to rough inner city neighbourhoods in order to be on mission there.  Is this putting their children in jeopardy?  Maybe.  But isn’t it a greater jeopardy to not follow the call of Christ?

Their are missionaries who move their families to dangerous places in order to spread the gospel.  Is this of help or harm to their children.  Help!  I would shout it from the rooftops.  Your children will always benefit from watching you live out your faith.

I know the answers to these and yet when it is my child it makes it so much more difficult to grasp.   And when it doesn’t involve moving halfway across the world to a specific people group it seems like it’s so much less important.

Would I move my family to China if I was called?  Yes.  Would I live in a hut amongst cannibals if I knew that’s what God would have for our family?  Absolutely.

But sending my child to public middle school in abbotsford?  It’s a really hard call to follow.

I know God is pressing me with the question, “Do you trust me with him?”  And if I’m honest I have to say that I don’t.  I don’t trust God to protect him like I would.  I don’t trust that He wants his good.  I don’t trust that He is taking care of him as good as he ought.

So I pray.  I pray that my grasp would be loosened.  I pray that I would trust more.  And I plead that he would protect my boy and mold him into who He has for him.

We are missionaries in this world no matter where we live.  Even in abbotsford.  Even in middleschool.  Help us to take that calling as seriously as any.


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