Things to keep on teaching

There are always new things to teach our children.  It may be long division.  It may be how to flip a pancake and keep it on the griddle.  It may be that Jesus saved us from our sin and not that he saved our sin (as though he were stockpiling it somewhere to be used at a later date).

I’m sure any of you with children can agree that as moms (and dads! and grandmas! and uncles! and friends!) we spend the majority of our hours each day in teaching and training even when our kids don’t realize it.  In fact, I hardly realize it anymore!  I only notice it when I feel like someone else is listening and then suddenly I become more aware of my words and I realize that this simple little conversation has turned into a theology lesson completely unbeknownst to the little people in my life.

Today I became very aware that I need to teach more and continue to teach that scripture must be upheld with the highest regard.  We teach that the word of God is truth.  We teach that it is God-breathed.  We teach that it is not just a tale of old but real, living, active and is our defense, our comfort and God’s words for us right here and right now.

I was convicted today of never teaching them to uphold the words of scripture with respect.  Not that they don’t respect it but we’ve never put it into words.

Let me back up.  The reason for this thinking is because earlier today I heard a Christian make a joke about our bodies being a temple and laughing as to why their “temple” looks the way it does.  

What stuck out in my mind was this:  First off, we are using scripture references completely out of context.  The verse (1 Cor. 6:19) where our bodies are referenced as being temples of the Holy Spirit is talking about sexual immorality.   The verse before says, “Flee from sexual immorality.  Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.”  It is not talking about diet.  It isn’t saying that if we drink a coke we are destroying the temple of the Holy Spirit.  It is talking very seriously about something important.

I think a fear of mine in hanging out with many christians in our bible belt culture is that this is what happens.  Religious talk and words of scripture are so ‘everyday’ that they lose what they are to be.  They lose context and importance and become banter.

I want my children to know scripture.  I want them to know that we love the word of God.  I want them to know that it isn’t something we only speak of in church and  yet it isn’t something we lightheartedly add to our dialogue for comic relief.  I want them to be permeated by it’s words so that when they are pressed in life it’s what comes out.  I want them to steer clear of becoming ‘neat little christians’.  I want it impressed on their hearts.  I will keep teaching.  I pray they will keep learning.


One thought on “Things to keep on teaching

  1. This is so good! Constantly teaching our kids to love God’s Word and treasure it! Thanks for sharing!


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