Bikram Yoga


I dare you to say that 5 times fast.  Actually, I just dare you to try and say it!

What it means is standing separate leg pose but that doesn’t have near the ring to it, does it?  To me it means torture.  Torment.  Pain.  Mockery.  I can not do this pose.  I’ve been doing yoga quite regularly lately and I thought that with going twice a week this pose and I would become friends.  But we haven’t.  Like a dysfunctional dating relationship, it still hurts me every time I try and get close and yet I keep going back for more.

I feel like I’m making progress, though.  The towel is getting decidedly closer to my forehead with each class and I am making it my goal, that’s right you heard it, that by the end of the summer my forehead will touch my towel.  I don’t care if I can’t walk for a week after – the head will be on the ground!


3 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga

  1. I, too, hold this one up as one to accomplish someday. I can finally feel the bun on the top of my head touching the ground. I just try to not look around at the myriad people near me who appear to be doing it effortlessly!


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