things you thought you’d never do

There are a number of things in my life I just never dreamed I would do.  Some of them would be adventure types like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro others would be material like wearing a one of a kind Valentino gown specifically designed for me.  The first, because it holds no desire for me and the second because it requires a certain status (and cashola!) that just isn’t happenin’.

Then there are things I would just swear up and down I would not do because they are ridiculous and the people who do them should be mocked.  These include things like trying to collect the most winnie the pooh stuffy’s to get into the guiness book of world records.  Or trying out for Canadian Idol when you are clearly musically illiterate.  (and possibly deaf?!)  Or having a birthday party for your pet.  Your pet doesn’t know it’s turning 1 or 2 or 8.  It really doesn’t.

But bring kids into the equation and all ideals once held are suddenly challenged.  I have been the mom who carries her screaming child under arm through the mall.  I have spoken lines that my parents once spoke to me that I vowed I never would  (because I’m the mom and I said….)  and I have, to my shame, had a first birthday party for our puppy.  Mock away!  (I drew the line at the boys request to invite people.  Noone else needs to be a part of this nonsense!)

The boys love their dog and somehow don’t quite get the fact that he is just that, a dog!  They feel he should be privy to the many luxuries that the rest of us have.  Can’t he eat at the table, mom?  No!  Mom, Chipper needs his own bed too.  No!  Can we call you his mommy?  No! Never! Not in a million years, no!

But for some reason when they begged that we have a “puppy party” for him, I sighed, rolled my eyes and said okay.  One rule – they have to be in charge of it.

Here are some shots of the event.  For the record, it was fun and silly in that kid kind of way and it was endearing to hear them read aloud the card that they wrote for him.  No, you still can’t call me his mom!

They made him a special hat



 they bought him some new chew toys






they even baked him some carrot biscuits in the shape of bones! (apparently dogs don’t eat cake)

Oh, the things we do for our children!


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