on being 8.

When asked how he feels about being 8 now he pouts a bit and states, “I’ll always be the baby.”  Yes, you will be.  He tries not to grin for I know this role is one which he truly cherishes though he would never admit it.  He has big brothers to  impress.

Do you feel different, though?  He shakes his head no and looks at me with a sort of wonder.  He’s trying to imagine what would feel different from yesterday to today.

I don’t know how 8 years has passed since he was a crying baby plagued with what they call colic.  Something real and true.  I have seen it and have felt the effects of constant crying with this boy, my third child, my only one who cried so so much.

He’s 8 now and 8 still seems so little.  When my oldest was 8 he seemed huge.  I will be the reason for his baby-of-the-family traits.  I can’t seem to make him grow up.  I love him being little and I know it can’t last forever.

We celebrated his 8 years with a party.  There were many, many boys.  There was one girl.  There was hockey and ice cream and so much fun.

These were the goodie bags for his friends.  They included home made ugly dolls hand stitched by my 3 boys, fun dip and fizz.  all essentials of a good party.

The birthday boy/goalie in his element!

His reaction to being spoiled rotten by his best friends!

so. much. love.  xo



One thought on “on being 8.

  1. the middle shot of the ‘little’ tyke in net does not leave you with the proper impression of his hockey goalie skills. This shot represents one of the very rare moments that anyone (including his Dad) was able to ‘get one past’. I hope/pray/take pictures (physically and mentally) so that I never forget these moments, I love you kido!!


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