Hi.  (she says apprehensively wondering if anyone is still out there after an entire 15 days with nary a peep)

It would be so out of character for me to just pop in and say “Hi!”  all exclamation points and cheeriness assuming that my beloved readers have seriously waited a return.  I’m much more comfortable assuming that you’ve all moved on to other very cool blogs.

cute baby warning! those with pangs - move along...

I just checked my stats and it seems like about 24 of you check in still.  Interesting.  I never check my stats.  Apparently I should because it seems that I had one heckuva popular day back in January.  Over 900 people (meaning 918.  If it would have been 978 I would have said, “nearly a thousand people”.  See how I roll?) popped in on my modest little blog to check out my sharpie’d earrings.  That’s weird, right?  I can right about a bazillion things under the sun but pull out my kids felts and colour on some earrings and I hit it big!  Makes me wonder what people are really searching for on this here ol’ internet…

You (all 24 of you – love you guys!) may have noticed that my photo a day went photo away.  Yeah.  I got to 177 days and then something happened.  I think some people might call it “life” or something.  But I had a few things going on that seemed just a tad more important than documenting my morning coffee cup or how much the lawn has grown this week.  (dang rain!)  So while I love taking pictures and I loved the challenge of taking one every day – I had to get a little bit real and realize that my life ain’t all that exciting and there are more important things.  (for the record, I knew this all along.  I’m just making up important sounding reasons as to why I’ve sorta given up without admitting that I just forgot one day…and the next…and the next…)

I keep thinking that it’d be way cooler to do a photo a day if I lived in Paris or volunteered in an orphanage in Kenya or even just left my house every day!  But sometimes I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the life that God has given me and I am on a journey that I think is exciting, rewarding and superfantabulous.  That just doesn’t always come across in the photos.  So maybe that’s my next challenge.  *shrug*

What else.  Let’s see.  Oh – I read a book!  Yes I did.  In one week flat.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t blog.  I also went to yoga three times in one week as opposed to never, so that’s good.  I watched a lot of Hayden’s baseball games and loved every minute of it.  I watched a lot of hockey games on tv and also loved every minute of it, which if you know me I get sounds weird but I’ll expand in another post.  This is just a rambling post really about nothing but the gist of my life that you’ve missed in the past few weeks in  case I somehow complete you and you’ve been all thrown off cause I haven’t been here.  ha.  that’s funny stuff.

Oh, and in case you were wondering why there’s a random photo of me up there holding a cute little munchkin it’s because I just found it on iphoto and I thought, “aaawww, isn’t he the cutest thing ever?”   Okay, that’s a lie.  I mean, he is the cutest thing ever but I’m way more self absorbed than that and what I really thought was, “ooh, me with bangs!  I should get bangs again!”  My hair stylist says no.  I say yes.  What do you say?

over and out.


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