ReUse a Shoe

I learned about this program when we were at the Converse store in Seattle and I [heart] it!

There are many environmental programs that seem perfectly ridiculous to me (my rant on litterless lunches will come later!)  but this is one I think is great.  My family wears their shoes out!  They can’t be handed down or donated to a good cause where other little children will benefit from them.  Even african children in an orphanage would scoff at our completely trashed shoes!  So I usually end up just chucking them in the trash.

Converse and Nike (all owned by the same peeps, in case you didn’t know)  have a program going where you drop off your old kicks and they use the rubber for things like playground surfaces or tennis courts.  Plus, when you drop a pair of shoes off you get 10% off your purchase.  Sweet!

Read more here.


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