Fatherly Wisdom

No.  I’m not going to give you fatherly wisdom.  That would just be weird considering I’m a mother, not a father.  Also because wisdom doesn’t just naturally ooze out of me.  (nor does patience, as long as I’m on this honesty kick)

We were recently at a wedding and the father of the bride (ha.  did you just think of a certain steve martin movie too?  My apologies.)  gave a speech that I really don’t remember much of except for this one point.  It might be because he said it twice but I like to think that it’s because he’s wise enough to know that this is what he really wanted to sink in to the bride and groom.

His words were as follows.  “Your children will like the things that you like.  They will want to do the things that you do.  And they will find important the things that you think are important.”

This made me think about my own kids.  What do they like?  

Hockey  (daddy -1)

Sewing (mommy – 1)

Random dance parties (mommy and daddy – 2)

Being together with their family (mommy and daddy – 3)

Listening to music ( mommy – 4)

Wrestling (daddy – 4)

“doing” bible (daddy – 5)

And I discovered that it’s so true.  They have learned to love the things that we love and enjoy doing the things that we do.  I pray each day that they will see, hear and learn the one thing that we find most important and follow in that as well.  Living each and every day in honour to God and seeking to glorify Him above all else in everything that we do.  We don’t always do this well but it is the cry of our heart and we long for it to be theirs too.

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