My Life: a photo a day

when:  May 1, 2011

where:  church

what:  sunday was special.  it was special for many reasons, the first of which is shown in this picture.  a very special young lady got baptized.  we were so thrilled to be a part of her day.  though you can’t see her, she is extraordinary.  plus, whenever I see someone walk in the obedience of baptism I get so excited.

secondly, sunday was special because we got to spend almost the entire day with great friends.  it started at 10 am and didn’t end until almost 7 pm.  with busy lives and other activities beckoning this doesn’t happen very often but we were so thankful for it.

i love sunday.


One thought on “My Life: a photo a day

  1. we missed you! glad to hear that you were having so much fun elsewhere, though. 🙂 i brought a book to lend you; maybe next week?


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