What is worship?

I admit, it may have been a moment of scrutiny on my part, but it also may have been a hint at the truth when I proclaimed to my children last night right after the Canucks had scored the winning goal of the series, “Can you stop and look at your selves for a moment?”

What I saw was this.  Great emotion.  Strong passion.  A hope in something other than themselves.  There was tremendous jubilation.  There were hands raised.  There were loud cheers.  There were even tears.

They were simply cheering for their team.  What I saw though resembled something more like worship.

Harold Best said this in his book Unceasing Worship, “Worship is fundamental to humankind itself, so much so, that we must assume that it goes on all the time, all around us, inside of us, and, in a paradoxical way, in spite of us. ”

Humans were created to worship.  This is not even a point to be argued.  The matter of dispute comes in when we talk about where we are placing this worship.  It seemed to me that my boys were worshipping a hockey team and a winning goal scorer.  But to be fair, I do the same thing all the time.  Not with hockey, mind you, but my worship can be placed in myself or my things or even my opinions.

I can only imagine what our churches would look like if we came ready to truly worship our Saviour.  Would it not look more like our living room did last night than a sea of sleepy people?  I think that would be pretty fantastic.


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