How on earth…?

Do you ever look at your life and wonder, how on earth did I get here?  Like here.  Right here.  Right now.

Yeah, me neither.

Wanna know what I do though?  I do look at my life and see how incredibly nerdy we are and completely love every moment of it!  Here are just a few recent examples:

  • Just try giving us (any 5 of us, I might add) a new book and see how excited we get!  Books are ALWAYS on every one of our lists.  Christmas lists, birthday lists, things I need to pick up soon lists.  You name it, books are on it.
  • I bought my boys an electric pencil sharpener as their easter gift.  They were ecstatic!
  • We are currently  all having a ‘quiet time’ so that we can stay up late for the hockey game tonight.  The 3 boys are reading books.  I’m here, with you.  sshh.  no talking during quiet time.
  • I’m still not on facebook.
  • We hum hymns to try and get the catchy Katy Perry tunes out of our heads that we hear every. where. we. go.
  • We draw mustaches on the Justin Bieber posters in the scholastic book orders that the boys bring home from school and we think we are!
  • We’re all in bed by 9.  Seriously.  (with books, did I mention that we like ’em?)
  • Sometimes we wear 3D glasses around the house just for fun.  It makes us laugh.

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