How do you choose?

I have exactly 2 3/4 hours of alone time today.  No one is home but me and the mutt and he knows better than to think I’m going to play with him when no one else is around.  (Thankfully he’s learned his place in my life!)

But I can not for the life of me figure out which of the bazillion things I want to do.  ‘Cause I want to:

  • Read
  • start on an art project that I’ve got bursting to get out of my head
  • finish sewing some things that have been started
  • tackle organizing the office
  • make a great dinner
  • work on photobooks for 2010
  • continue with a small writing project
But the problem is that the house is a disaster from having a 4 day weekend and there is still backpacks to be unloaded, laundry to finish, bathrooms to clean and bedrooms to be put back in order.   I know this is how I’m going to spend my time but how on earth am I ever going to get to that other stuff?!
How do you balance between what needs to be done and what you really really want to do?

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