Table Settings

When my life gets out of balance in any one capacity I find that it sets the whole thing in a teeter-tottery type motion and I sway from one thing to another just to keep from falling off but not handling anything quite right or even well.

My life can get out of balance by any number of things – too much work, not enough time with girlfriends, not eating properly, too much emphasis placed on cleanliness, you name it!

As of late it’s been my-husband-works-too-much out of balance!  I knew that this would be the case close to deadline and I was mulling over in my brain how to handle the last few weeks so that life wouldn’t become one giant catastrophe.

The image I got in my head was that of a perfectly set table.  One that had matching dinner and side plates, one with the cutlery all placed in the right spot with a meticulously folded napkin along each side.  One that had just the right amount of forks  and butter dishes and salt and pepper shakers.

I thought of how when life gets out of balance it sends this table setting out of whack.  When I’m overloaded with places to run the kids the forks and spoons end up on the wrong side of the plate and sometimes even upside down.  When my hubby works too much there is a place set at the table that isn’t being used.  When I work too much it’s hardly a table setting at all but more like a hot dog in the line up at Costco.

It made me think of the way that the bible talks of being at a table.  Jesus sat with his disciples and I picture a perfectly set table.  Perhaps not the most elegant of china but everything they needed and a rightness about it.  I dream of the table settings awaiting us in heaven and I picture a most exquisite table and again, a feeling of perfection.

I get that while I’m here on earth my table will never be perfect, and that’s okay.  But what I’ve found is that I need to try and have my table set at least with all of the right components.  The forks may be upside down one day but at least they’re on the table and we may be eating leftovers but there is still food.  And if ever all of life aligns and for that one blip of a second it’s in balance before something falls out of line again I like to think that the table is set and we’re all at it and we’re eating something delicious and healthy and be thankful for it.

Does this image translate for you or are you lost?  Cause in my little mind it’s quite a stunning example!


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