My Life: a photo a day

when: April 16, 2011
where: our newly painted bedroom
what: my favorite element, if you could call it that, in decor is creating various still lifes around any given space. Meaning, if I were to photograph the room section by little section, each photo would be a well displayed grouping of inanimate objects. My least favorite part is making sure that these individual still life’s also work together to create a beautiful whole living space. The latter part is where I call on my brother. He’s brilliant at tying it all together!
I won’t be doing a formal before and after of the room until it’s somewhat decorated. Right now I don’t have baseboards on and the water in the bathroom is not hooked up. But I did take before shots so it should be fun. In the meantime, here’s a start on a still life atop an old wooden table.

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