The Kiss of God

A few weeks back my pastor spoke about a specific time when he and his family felt, what he called, the kiss of God.  I could relate to exactly his description but had never thought of it in exactly those terms.  He explained that without prayer it’s next to impossible to have these moments.  But if we ask, and we know he answers, we feel that connection.

I think he’s right.  I, in my humble untheological mind, believe that prayer is more for us than it is for God.  I could be wrong on that and welcome the debate but I know that when my prayer life is solid, when I’m conversing with God throughout the day, when I’m bringing my anxieties before Him and asking for His help, I am definitely the beneficiary.  I not only feel better, I am better.  My soul is a peace.  My heart feels comfort.  Sometimes, I even feel the kiss of God.

This week I felt this on 3 different occasions and all having to do with the weather.  Silly, right?  I believe that sunshine is a common grace.  It falls on those who do not love Jesus and have never prayed in their life.  But it can also be a grace just for me because it’s what I needed – and he knew it.

This week has been a bit hectic for me and when life gets busy my prayers get short but few.  I think that’s okay.  On Wednesday I just didn’t know how I was going to get everyone where they needed to be in the amount of time I had with tummy’s full and equipment on.  I asked God to help me take one step at a time, be patient and trust that He is good and He  will help me.

Rain.  It poured rain that night.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I got the email from the coach to say that a baseball game had been cancelled.  I thanked God for the rain that evening.  Without one game on my plate, I could accomplish everything else.

I still had a bit of stress given the schedule of the next few days.  My work schedule was busier than normal, we had baseball games and drop offs at camp at exactly the same time, plus play dates with friends and no time to pack.  Plus, I’m single-parenting it right now until Earl’s project at work hits deadline.  I gave it to God.

I woke up Thursday morning, April 14th keep in mind, to the biggest most beautiful snowflakes falling that I had possibly ever seen.  Looking at them from upstairs I could gaze up high, pick a snowflake, and follow it until it landed on the ground.  That’s how big they were!  In my world when it snows everything feels calm, quiet.  My soul felt this and I thanked God for this moment.  It snowed just long enough for the boys to (quite easily) convince me to have a snow day.  A whole day at home together where one could pack, another could practice his swing, I didn’t have to pack lunches and bustle everyone out of the house at a silly hour of the morning.  It was perfect.  Of course, half an hour later the snow had stopped and within an hour it was raining and gone.  I didn’t care.  We had a lovely day together at home in our jammy’s accomplishing much without stress.  The kiss of God.

Today we have friends coming over for an extended play day.  I feared that it would be pouring rain all day and I was trying not to overthink what might happen to my house with 5 boys in it for 6 hours.  I prepped the boys on playing games and building lego and of course some video game time will be had but I wondered if my sanity could take the noise.  5 large boys is a lot!

But this morning I awoke to the sound of the twittering birds and the sunlight streaming in on my face.  Perfection.  And thank – you, Jesus.  I thank Him because the weather this week was for me.  And you.  And He does know what’s best and He does love me and He does want my good.

What an amazing God!


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