My Life : a photo a day

when:  April 14, 2011

where:  at work

what:  I have the best boss.  Now you can get all, “no, I have the best boss.”  if you want but I won’t believe you anyways.  I could go on for days on the various reasons but I’m quite sure you don’t even want me to start.  I will state one reason that has to do with the photo above.  A licked-perfectly-clean stick from a starbucks cake pop.  

I’m sure you can all remember my rant yesterday about being tired and clearly whiney.  Yeah.  Well, my boss doesn’t read this blog (that I know of and if she does, hi!)  and yet the very day after I was all grumpy what does she do?  She pops by work in the middle of my hectic shift with what?  A coffee from Starbucks, even though she’s a die hard Tim Hortons’er, made perfectly how I like it complete with the tall being in a grande cup and the dairy product in it being the creamiest one there is.  Plus a cake pop.  Just cause.

So it’s not because she’s generous that I think she’s a fab boss.  Though she is incredibly so.  And it’s not because she knows exactly how I like my coffee.  Though she does and I’m kinda high maintenance.  And it’s not even the cute pink treat that did it.  It’s because she knew, without me ever having to say it, that I needed a little pick me up.  She’s a rock star like that.

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