I realized over the weekend that I have a love/hate relationship with IKEA.  Actually, I take that back.  I realized it a long time ago back before I was even married and we couldn’t complete a dish set because the new stock colours didn’t match the old ones.  This was solidified when we stocked up on cutlery before we were even engaged because they told us that particular line was being discontinued, which it was, but only because instead of a 3 piece set it was coming out in a 5 piece set.

So this weekend really just confirmed what I already knew.  That is, should you actually wish to purchase something, like, you have a plan and a purpose kind of purchase then IKEA is the enemy.

However, to be fair I also love IKEA.  I love it when I don’t need a thing.  Not even napkins or tea lights.  I love to wander the showrooms and marvel at each colour and bedding choice.  I love to see combinations I would never dream of having in my home but really look quite nice.  I love to peruse the picture frames and the lamp shades and the clocks.  I love the clocks.  I mean, if I don’t really want one.

So I did the ultimate no-no.  I loaded up the boys on a gloomy sunday afternoon and drove 45 minutes to make a single purchase.  Simple.  I knew the exact bookshelf I wanted for my boys room.  A place to house there gazillion books and lego creations and games and sock monkey’s.  I bought the boys bunk beds from there years ago so naturally assumed I could get a book shelf in the same beach wood finish.

This, my friends, is where I went so wrong.  Had I forgotten all of those previous shopping trips?

Of course the book shelf didn’t come in that wood.  It did come in such a variety of woods that a woodpecker would think it was at a buffet but alas, not the one that would match the beds.


So which mismatched colour would be best?  Do I go light or dark?  In all  other things of importance (chocolate, coffee, boots, hair colour) I just naturally go dark but in this?  I just couldn’t.  Decorating decisions give me a headache, a tummy ache and cause me to flip and flop like, well – flip flops!  I can. not. decide.

Of course I have 3 little opinions along with me so I decide we should do this democratically and vote.  It was 2 for birch, I was leaning toward black – brown, and an undecided.  (turns out my littlest little is just like me!  “Mommy, this is giving me a headache.  I just don’t know!!”  Bless his indecisive heart.)

Problem is that seeings I’m the one in the position of power I can easily sway my little minions and I had them all on the black-brown side in no time.  After an hour (I kid you not, I am this ridiculous) I finally sent a text to the decision maker extraordinaire and he sent back, in less than 3 minutes, a final decision complete with 3 reasons why.  I love him.  *swoon*

Decision is locked and loaded and we head down to the self-serve warehouse.  Guess what we find when we get there.  Oh yeah.  Nothing!  A big, fat nothing!  It’s out of stock.  I guess it would have been too much to have a little sticker in the show room stating that before we deliberated for an hour on something we couldn’t have anyways, huh?

I hate IKEA.

On the way out we noticed that frozen yogurt was on for half off.

Mmm.  Love.


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