A Shift in Perspective.

My mother’s favorite expression to me is “Make an Effort.” What she doesn’t understand, of course, is that just because things don’t turn out the way she thinks they should doesn’t mean an effort wasn’t made.

I found that quote in an article somewhere online ages ago and just pocketed it away to think about for awhile.  (can’t recall original quotee.  if anyone can source it for me that’d be fantastic!)

I came across it on my computer this morning and was thinking, as I did the first time I saw it, about my mother and whether or not I ever felt this way.  I didn’t.  I think my mom recognized my efforts as a child and encouraged me in them.

So why did I have this quote tucked away?  It clearly didn’t hold any weight with me.  Why would I have originally felt the need to copy it onto a sticky for mulling?

and then BAM!

Reality.  (that horrid, pest of a thing)

I am the mother.  Me!  Little old me!

I sometimes find it hard to believe that I am this person to little people.  I am the one doing the mothering now and these sorts of quotes aren’t just to be pondered as the child but in my (not so new) role as the mother as well.

That’s why I had tucked it away though completely unbeknownst to me.  It didn’t sum up my childhood experience at all.  It summed up my mothering!

Just because things don’t turn out the way I think they should does not mean an effort wasn’t made.


Very, very interesting.


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