My Life: a photo a day

when:  march 17, 2011  (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I didn’t wear green.)

where:  on my desk

what:  i found an old love today while searching for something completely different.  there it was, just as I’d left it some 4 years ago, all packed neatly into an old converse shoe box.  my first slr with rolls and rolls of film.  various black and whites, expired slide film to cross-process and other such goodies.  my hubby and I bought this camera when we first got married.  It’s 13 years old.  I remember so clearly standing in london drugs and lamenting over the price.  it was so.  well. worth it!

I remember the tears that came to my eyes when I dropped it in Disneyland that first year after we were married.  I thought I’d broken it.  Luckily I just cracked the filter on the lens.  All was well.

This camera has never let me down.  I have loved (LOVED!!)  so many of the shots taken on this.  My boys baby photos.  The black and whites of them that I have (and will always have) on my mantle.

As much as I love this camera I also love the film that goes in it.  3200 speed.  Ilford.  agfachrome.  portra.  and provia.  oh, provia!  I will never forget the first roll I got back.  It was perfection.

I love the delay of film.  Not being able to see your shot instantaneously but having to wait until the roll is full and then send it off for developing and then holding a contact sheet in your hand and peering one by one over each shot.

This past year I packed my title of photographer up and put it on a shelf.  I’m pulling it back out with this baby!  I am going to shoot every roll of film that I found in that box and then I’m going to go and get some more.

I think some where along my journey I gave up a bit of what I love when I packed this camera and film up into that box.  I get that it costs more.  I get that you can’t just delete the shots you don’t love.  I get that you have to wait a week to see what you shot.  I get all of that.  I get it now because its in those things that I find joy.  I’m giddy at the thought of loading up the film again and hearing the click of the shutter.  Magical.



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