I was just very innocently shopping online for some running shoes for my son.  (seriously!)  It’s so hard to find good ones in this town we live in. (payless, anyone?)

In my searching I found something incredibly dangerous.  (like, hide your credit cards, dangerous!)

Honey, you may want to stop reading this now.  (turn away.  turn away!!)

You can shop Nordstrom Rack online!  My favourite store available at the click of a mouse.  Plus you can refine your search ingeniusly.  By size, style, price and brand. (!!)

On a somewhat related note, I need a second job.  (all proceeds will be donated in exchange for product to this new website I’ve discovered).  I’m capable of a great many things.  Rocket science (or paper airplane science – close enough, right?), fluent in 4 languages (english, mommy, wife and puppy), am willing to take on challenges (like english, mommy, wife and puppy) and am highly adaptable (I can walk in any style shoe you throw at me)!

**In case you’re worried, honey, (and you have every reason to be!) I did NOT buy the burberry trench that was on for half price.  While $795 is a bargain for a coat I thought it unreasonable to splurge on myself so close to my birthday.  (which is a mere 10 days away in case any of you were wondering.  and I like burberry trenches, in case any of you were wondering.)  See the restraint that I have?!

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