My Life: a photo a day

Jewel, Sam Finn and Digory

when:  march 14, 2011

where:  home

what:  the great fish adventure!  that’s what the boys called today.  they have been saving and saving their meager allowance until the day when they each had enough to get their own fish.  One of the things I appreciated so much about my childhood was my parents allowing me to have pets.  all kinds of pets!  I had a cat and a dog (at the same time!),  I had fish and hamsters and turtles all of which I loved and named and cared for until their eventual demise.  for the hamsters, that was all too often.  anyways…

when my boys announced that they wanted a fish each i convinced them that a nice bowl would be better and cheaper and easier than tanks and filters and so on.  So we had previously scouted out the pet store and tallied up how much this whole endeavour would be and then they saved.  and saved.  and saved!

today was finally the day!  In order to save a couple of bucks as well as be a bit more creative, I took the boys to a local thrift shop where they browsed the aisles each in search of the perfect fish bowl.  i love that they each chose something a little different from each others and very unique for their fish.  (there were regular old pet store fish bowls there, but they would have none of that!  love it!!)

it was an entire days process of thrifting, heading to the pet store, choosing fish, rocks and food and then checking out all of the things that they didn’t have enough money for but were going to save up for.  You know, important things like pirate chests and plants for their fish to ‘play’ in and around.

then there was the cleaning of bowls, the ph balancing of water, the acclimating of the fish, the cleaning off of shelves in rooms, the naming.  oh!  the naming!  then the talking to, the feeding, the drawing pictures of, the checking on, the talking to, the checking on, and checking on, and check….you get the idea.

they all breathed a sigh of relief the next morning when they realized that their little swimmers had made it through their first night all right – but truth be told, Sam Finn isn’t looking very healthy and I’m debating whether I tell the littlest little or not.  Maybe he’ll pull through!  Cross your gills and wish us luck!


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