Things I missed in the 90’s

Remember that episode of Friends where Ross goes in for a spray tan but doesn’t turn around  when he’s suppose to and gets a double shot in the face and then comes out looking like he ate a truck full of carrots?

Yeah.  It’s for reasons like this that I’ve never had a spray tan.  Well, that and it’s never truly crossed my mind to get one.  I haven’t ever felt the urge to have a golden glow that wasn’t from UV light (albeit real or artificially produced).  Until now.  Well, that and I could get it for free.  Who doesn’t love free?

I planned my inaugural spray tan session around a very important event.  That is, not having to leave the house for a week should I come out looking like Ross.  I would say Rule number one of trying new things is to never do them before an actual event that you want said thing for.  Like, don’t try a new box of dye on your hair just before the Christmas Soiree or get a spray tan the day before a spring wedding so you can show off your legs without scaring people into thinking you’re part vampire.  Mainly because new things may go bad.  And much like the peanut buttered bread always landing sticky side down, if you try something before an event the chances of it going bad are monumentally greater.

So I went in yesterday because it’s spring break and unlike the rest of the world – i’m not going anywhere!

The experience was a little weird and scary if you think of all that could go wrong but nothing did so it was fab.  For the record, it was a booth that sprays you not one of those airbrush jobbies.  There is no way you could get me to stand naked while someone airbrushes all of my parts.  No. way.  (I just always imagine how awkward it must be for those people to have to say, “and now lift your right one.”  if you catch my drift.)

So I went in a room all by myself and the machine told me where to stand, when to hold my breath and then counted down in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.  A fine mist sprayed out at me for a few seconds and then I was instructed to turn.  Which I did.  Unlike Ross.

The result, I think, is fantastic!  I literally look like I’ve been in the sun for a few days but not like I’ve been overbaked.  There is no carroty orangeness to my skin, just a natural golden colour.  Best part?  This tan doesn’t cause wrinkles!

3 thoughts on “Things I missed in the 90’s

  1. Yes, Lara, Perfect Tan does them at the George Ferguson location only. The booth sprays everything except for your hands and feet. You wear gloves and booties (provided by them) for that. Then a lovely (ahem) staff member will even out the lines on your hands and feet and spray the rest to perfection by hand.

    The spray tan lasts a bit different for each person as it exfoliates with your skin but the general rule is 5-7 days. My hands and face faded quicker than the rest of my body because those are the spots I wash the most often and with the most vigor. I liked this though because these are two parts I didn’t need as dark as they were.

    I feel like it really would work best for an event. I loved the look best on me 2 days after the initial spray. The first day was a bit dark for my liking but by day 2 it was perfecto! Of course everyone will come out looking a bit different because it’s not like you’re all just coated in the same colour. The aloe and sugar can solution works with your own skin colour to take you to your next darker level.

    I’m on day 4 now and I still definitely have colour – just not as drastic.

    I learned a few things that I would mention to them for next time (which is why I’m happy I did one before I actually really needed one) the solution was a bit too dark on my hands for my taste. I would ask them to spray a little less next time. Also, you need to avoid water for 4-6 hours after your initial spray and then shower after that amount of time. So when I got home I really had some cleaning that needed to be done but that would have involved a bucket, rag and of course, water. So time it according to your day.

    Lastly, I was a bit worried about my face as most products tend to make me break out. Even many lotions give me weird little bumps on my arms and legs – an allergic reaction of some sort.
    But the totally natural solution didn’t affect my skin in a negative way at all. In fact, its super soft!

    Any other questions?


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