a childhood robbed

The very first day of middle school my son came home and announced that, “Everyone says shit, Mom.”  I asked him how he felt about that and he said with a shrug that it was kinda weird.  When I asked if he was going to start saying it he non-chalantly retorted, “not yet.”  Not yet.  Good.  That’s good.  I’m good with not yet.  “And would you let me know if that changes?”  “Sure, Mom.”  And off he ran to practice his ollies on the street.

Sometime just before Christmas he proclaimed that all the kids in his class listen to eminem and not the clean version.  “How do you know that there’s a clean and not clean version?”  I question.  “Oh, cause my teacher sometimes plays the clean version but the words that the kids sing are way worse.”  Hmm.  Good to know.  “Go shoot hoops.”  “Okay, Mom!”

Midway through term two I got hit with a double whammy.  Black Ops and the ridiculous “I’m on a boat” song all in the same day.  “You’re friends are allowed to play video games that are rated 17+?”  “Yeah.  Their parents don’t care.  Jordan even plays it with his dad.”  Great.  And the song?  Where are kids hearing it?  Cause even the radio stations aren’t allowed to play songs that say mother *&$#@# that many times.  All I get back is a shrug and, “Hey Mom, can I check my fish on tap fish?”  Um.  Yes, please!

I thought I’d heard it all.  What more could children in grade 6 be doing?  And where on earth are their parents?  They’re watching R rated movies, playing video games revolved around drug smuggling and prostitution rings, cursing like sailors and listening to music about sex on beaches.  Could there possibly be anything more?!

Oh right.  One more thing.

Truth or Dare….


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