I’ve always taught my bambinos that it’s good to share.  So in that spirit I share with you 4 blogs that I love.  Each of them different.  Each of them probably defining a little piece of my personality.  Each of them blogs that I think you should read because they are written by fun, creative and gifted people – each in their own way.

A Beautiful Mess

Joy is so Yellow

Elisabeth Elliot

The Sartorialist

On the other hand I have taught my children not to ask for things in return so don’t tell them I’m doing this but if you have any blogs to share I’d love to know.


2 thoughts on “sharing.

  1. you’re a beautiful, generous, creative and whole person. i’m very lucky to have you in my life. it’s no wonder your bambinos are such great boys; look who they have to look to as a role model!


  2. When I’m having a rough day and need a boost I’m just going to look back to your little comment here.

    Have I ever mentioned how unopposed to flattery I am?


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