My Life: a photo a day

when:  march 2, 2011

where:  historic downtown abbotsford

what:  an image.  you may just look at this image and see a woman.  but when i look at it I see endless conversation.  and not just idle chit chat but if you were to mention nearly any topic on the planet I would say that we have touched on it in our endless ramblings.  I see creativity.  oozing creativity and ideas and inventions.  I see a writer.  a writer who sees her thoughts in movie form in her head and must get them out of her head and onto paper.  I see a mom.  but of course the coolest mom that I have ever met.  I see wisdom.  wisdom from years of living life to the fullest.  a very real person who has lived and loved and mothered and been a med-school wife and who tries things and because of that sometimes makes mistakes but comes out so much better for the trying.  I see hailing cabs in Manhattan.  I see photo shoots all over vancouver.  I see weekends in Whistler.  I see eating great food and drinking great drink in all of the above places.  I see a favourite friend.  a favourite friend who couldn’t live any further away while staying in the same country but who (thankfully) comes to visit.  thank you for so much time spent this week!  {massive hugs}


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