24 hours of time.  In my normal day to day of life it doesn’t seem like a big deal.  It merely marks the amount of time since I last had to roll out of bed, the amount of time past since I last kissed the munchkins and sent them off to school or the amount of time since I last started making dinner.

24 hours seems to fly right by as we work and eat and help with homework and do laundry.  It doesn’t ever quite seem to be enough for all the things I wish to accomplish in a day though I’m also extremely thankful that it’s all each day consists of or I’d feel guilty for not having done more.

I don’t often think how important 24 hours can be.  I assume that I’ll see my kids again in 24.  I believe I’ll still be alive.  Married. I wish I didn’t take each 24 hour period for granted as oft as I do but I forget to be thankful some days.  (lots of days)

But in 24 hours I will be on my way to spend 24 hours of just-the-two-of-us-alone time with my husband.  Suddenly 24 hours seems life giving.  24 hours will mean touch and smiles and conversation.  24 hours of not being interrupted by the little ones we love so much.  24 hours of undivided attention.  24 hours of no agenda.  24 hours of just each other.

24 hours is an important amount of time in a marriage.

**I just want to point out that I made it through an entire post entitled 24 without once referencing Jack Bauer.  Your welcome.  And this doesn’t count.


2 thoughts on “24

  1. have a wonderful time together! J and I are off on our first ever kid-less trip in a couple of weeks and we are so ready for some couple time


  2. Oh Jen! Have you gone yet? How was it? I remember our first kidless trip. It was like discovering a treasure. I pity the parents who feel guilt at these things. For us, they are life giving!


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