My Life: a photo a day

when: february 18, 2011
where: abby
what: the new ‘art’ in the roundabout by the freeway on/off ramp. $64,000. Seriously?! My opinion on native art and my questions on why that’s all we have around here deserve a post all their own.

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3 thoughts on “My Life: a photo a day

  1. Rhonda! Don’t get me started on First Nations art and it’s ubiquitous nature here in Politically Correct Land! I mean, it’s no worse than other sorts of art, but (imagine my voice raising in excitement here, for I’m on my soapbox) neither is it ANY BETTER! And we all have to pretend it is because our forefathers stole land from their forefathers. Wow. Did I really just type that out loud? I’ve lost my head. What I really meant to say in a loving, non-strident tone is that we are all equal and let’s move on accordingly, shall we? Including in the realms of art and taxes.


  2. Oh Jenn! I love you!

    Here’s my take – the blogs that are the most successful are either funny or controversial. I know that I can’t be *that* funny to anyone other than myself and so option 2 is really all we’ve got! Controversial, it is!

    (p.s. Im dying at your line, “and we all just have to pretend it is because….”)

    Please chime in with your soap box more often. It is so becoming on you and makes me giggle like I haven’t in a good long while!

    (p.p.s. I stand by my original post. My opinion on native art needs a post all its own. coming soon…)


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