New York Fashion Week

Marc by Marc Jacobs image source

I have lackadaisically been poking my way through random photos from  New York Fashion Week that has been going on all week.  Fashion has always intrigued me.  I’m not exactly sure why but I do know that from a very young age clothes and costumery were in my blood, so to speak.  My dear mom knew it to when she had to witness my little blonde self at age 3 standing in front of my closet with my hands on my hips emphatically stating, “I have nothing to wear!”  I’m quite certain this terrified her and has long been the reason that I state it’s a good thing I didn’t have daughters!  If I had even one mini-me around I’m pretty sure a dressing room would be required in our home.  (I was only joking about taking over the entire walk in closet, honey.  I’m taking over the office!  bwahahaha)

I kid.

But while there is much debate out there about fashion and its purpose in society, I’ve never been one to hold it up against its arch rival, function.  I’ve never been too sure why the two had to collide.  One is one.  The other is something completely different.   I do believe that there is a possibility of intersecting the two time and again, but it’s not necessary all the time.  

So as I peek through the ridiculous pictures from NYFW I can’t help but feel slightly in awe of the designers and so very jealous of their craft.  It makes me giddy to think about piling on the most ludicrous of combinations and strutting up a catwalk to have the world ooh and aah.  Patterns that the nerdy kids get mocked in school for, t-shirts that noone would even buy from wal-mart (smiling pineapples, hello?!), and hats that would require weekly chiropractic appointments to wear.

Take the top picture, for example.  I’m quite certain that I could head on over to Value Village or MCC and put this outfit together in about 4 minutes.  It wouldn’t be difficult at all.  But if I wore it to drop my kids off at school everyone would wonder why?  Just, why?!  Put Marc Jacobs name on the label though and the look is a hit!  And while some hate that about fashion – it just makes me love it all the more.

I’ve never wanted to wear an entire small furry animal on my head before, nor felt that the blankets people use to hang on the wall would make a great jacket but suddenly – I do!


2 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week

  1. Rhonda,
    If anyone I know could pull of these looks (and very many more, including the very most current, out-there way to rock a head-band!), it’s most emphatically YOU! As I’ve told you countless times already, I adore the way you dress. You use the medium as an art form.


  2. Aw. Your nice.

    Have I ever mentioned how fond I am of nice people? I do believe I have a draft somewhere around here entitled, “mean people suck” that just hasn’t gotten around to being posted.

    You, my friend, do not suck!


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