Things you probably don’t care to read about

There are few things I like less than vehicles being plastered with advertisements.  Of course, this is just my opinion and holds zero weight in the grand scheme of things in this world but considering this is my blog and what I do here is share my opinions (hey – no one said you have to read it!) I thought it would be wrong of me to hold back on you about this one.

Now let me state, for the record, that I get the tax benefits of having a car that you can right off partially because of the business expense of using your vehicle as an advertisement.  I get that.  But really…

So I’m driving along earlier this week and I see a woman in her car.  Let’s call her Maggie.  Well, turns out that Maggie is a photographer.  I can tell because it says so very clearly not only on the back of her car but up the sides as well.  Classy.  Maggie is also the type of mother who rants at her children in her vehicle.  I could see it very clearly.  She was obviously in a tizzy about something and believe me when I say that this happens to all of us.  But it didn’t exactly represent the sunny image of her happy, carefree, even fanciful self that her logo did!  What it did portray was the someone I wouldn’t want to hire to hold and capture the moments of my precious little newborn.  (not that I have one.  but if I did…)

Of course, the realtors are another breed of this altogether.  Not only are they advertising their business on their vehicle but they are quite comfortable to have a larger than life version of themselves pasted upside their diesel truck.  I can’t help but giggle endlessly when I see one of them driving themselves around.   Here I am – in my truck!  And on my truck!  Look at me!

While we’re at it I might as well also share that my love for ‘companies’ that operate in a pyramid hierarchy really don’t top any of my lists (other than the things-that-annoy-me one).  It’s only fitting that these are usually the greatest culprits in the driving billboard realm.  As an already very cynical human I find it hard to believe that products can generally be as miraculous as many of these companies state and the fact that I can now see what you sell and judge you by your driving habits at the same time just isn’t good for business!  And while I’m sure that your fancy bottled juice is perfectly divine you may want to think twice before speeding past me and then cutting me off in your mona vie’d vehicle because now I know how you operate.  To be honest, it doesn’t surprise me either but just gives my sarcastic self more fuel for posts such as this.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like if all of the advertisements got together to hang out on one big vehicle.  You’d have your happy family with mickey mouse ears (don’t forget the dog!) making nice with a gigantic guy in a suit cleaning the windows with nothing but a cloth and water while applying sweden’s latest in beauty products and doing mona vie shots out of tupperware.  Oh.  And there’s a pampered chef in there somewhere too.


2 thoughts on “Things you probably don’t care to read about

  1. I can’t stand it when people speed in school zones. I mean, really? Are you in *that* big a hurry? There are tiny, sometimes unsupervised children crossing streets here! Another issue I can get pretty strident about is telemarketers calling during the dinner hour (or really, any hour, for all that). Icks me right out, though I know they’re regular, old people just doing their jobs. Still.


  2. I couldn’t agree more with the school zones, Jenn! I often wonder that about speeders in general. Are you that important? Is where you have to be that great? To risk the lives of others? I think these people are really missing out on life and time and just rushing about always in a frenzy. Makes me sad, actually.


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